Naming the magazine

Well, we all know that names are important. They signify the object and an identity is built up around them. A name helps us to associate characteristics to someone or something. We can also find ourselves behaving in ways in attempts to fulfil the qualities of a name. Often a name comes with an already formed identity. This is something that I stumbled upon in the naming of eh21 publications first magazine.


Initially, I had thought to call the magazine ‘Musselburgh Links’. It tied in with the iconic golf course and brought together the idea of linking local business with community.

However, as I looked into the name more, I realised that it came with an already formed identity. I had to wonder then about practical issues such as trademark and copyright, but also about what the associations might be. Certainly, they could have positive cross-overs for both the golf course and the magazine, but then we wouldn’t be carving out our own identity. It may also cause confusion in the long run. So, a little reluctantly, I waved goodbye to the Links.

ImageConcurrently, as I began to think about a logo, the anchor became a prominent image. I liked that it related to the water, the coastal region. Images of the beautiful river Esk came to mind and I started to explore the fishing and harbour history of Musselburgh, and found it quite fascinating!

The port is said to date back to Roman times in the first century, and the harbour now is known as Fisherrow. The coastal line is believed to have changed considerably, and now the wee harbour, while not a major exporter or importer, still engages in some limited coastal trade.


It is primarily used now by the local fisher population and boat holders.

The more I delved into the image of the anchor, the more I began to have a feel for the space. I could smell the sea air, walk the river, watch the boats, hear the sea birds, touch the sand, and all of this anchored me to the land and the town.


So, there it was then. I settled on the anchor for the logo.  When I dropped ‘Links’ as the name, it became obvious that the right name had been waiting all along. The imagery and sentiments behind the symbol of the anchor made it perfect. Its solid, sturdy, gold boldness with the linking chain symbolises for me place, enterprise and community. And so the Musselburgh Anchor was birthed!

My hope is that the magazine itself becomes a port of sorts for residents in the Musselburgh area. That they learn to trust its publication, the quality of the production and content, and that they can turn to it for the trade and services they require.

Thanks for reading these small beginnings, and I look forward to sharing more of the journey that I take in this beautiful part of Scotland.

Historical perspectives of Musselburgh
Musselburgh Links, the Old Golf Course

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