Issue 2 ~ September 2013


The September Issue of the Musselburgh Anchor is at the printers, ready to be distributed this Friday, free to residents of Musselburgh in East Lothian, Scotland.

It was an exciting month preparing the magazine, receiving feedback from businesses and residents alike about the first issue, and contacting more and more business owners.

This issue increased by 8 pages! I’m positive it will continue to grow as it gets more exposure and businesses and the community come to know it as a resource here to stay, trustworthy and reliable.

I’ve introduced a couple new writers; one on spirituality and another on gardening. There are a few more community promotions and many more advertisers this month. I have ideas for how I’d like to grow the magazine and hopes to increase the community pages and articles of interest, as well as generate some interaction with residents through competitions and business recommendations. All of this will happen as the publication grows and it becomes more financially viable to include those aspects that enhance the magazine for readership appeal though they may not generate income. I’m discovering that it’s all about a healthy balance of giving and receiving – a lovely lesson for life me thinks!

You can click on the photo to view the magazine. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome!

Until next issue, all for now,


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