Christmas Issue ~ The Musselburgh Anchor

Front Cover_Musselburgh Anchor_Dec 2013The Christmas issue of the Musselburgh Anchor has just been delivered to residents. The final edition for the year marks a successful launch and beginning for the new magazine.

As we move into 2014, we at EH21 Publications have no doubt that the magazine will continue to grow. Every issue businesses report calls and work generated from their advertising in the Anchor. So too, residents email or call to say how pleased they are to be receive their monthly magazine and to have it nearby for numbers, and for interesting reading.

The reputation of the magazine is growing too, with businesses learning that EH21 Publications promotes ethical and honourable trading in business; that business owners will be met respectfully, with an extended hand and with a fair deal to welcome their participation. We are only too keen to assist new business, to promote community development and charities. We have met a few businesses who have not honoured payments and though financial losses are incurred and disappointment experienced, we tend to remain optimistic that they are in the minority – and to be avoided! It has been an interesting learning process but I am pleased to say that the majority of our encounters have been professional, mutually respectful and quite often involve a good ol’ laugh! Long may that continue!

The coming year sees us expand to include more homes in Musselburgh, extended over two months. This strategy sees an increase in advertising exposure, is cost-effective, and ensures against saturation in any one area. It means that businesses get their advertisements out to more people, which in this case will be 5000 Musselburgh residents.

As you know, we promote the magazine here, as well as on Facebook. We also send the electronic version out to over 500 business owners each month.

If you’re interested in getting your business off the ground or strengthening your reach in the Musselburgh area, contact us today. You will be hard pressed to find cheaper advertising anywhere.

See our rates page for prices. The front and back covers of the magazine are highly popular, so you need to book in advance. We also offer great rates for advertorials and packages. Give Karolyne a call or text or email to learn more: 07407382722 or 

Meantime, thank you to all those businesses who supported us this year; without the Musselburgh Anchor would not have got off the ground.

Wishes for a safe and happy Christmas and festive time – and a fabulous Hogmanay!


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