The Musselburgh Anchor and the Murrays Directory are professionally distributed at the beginning of each month. Both directories are delivered to 5000 homes over 2 calendar months (2500 homes each month/issue). The total area covered in EH21 (Musselburgh) and EH16 & EH17 (Murrays) is 10 000 homes.

The directories are hand delivered to homes by the professionals Johnson Distribution Services (JDS) who are a trustworthy company operating in Edinburgh since 1984. JDS Staff are well versed in magazine distribution. They know the area exceptionally well, have a great deal of experience, are friendly and wear easily identifiable uniforms.

The magazines are also mailed out electronically to over 700 business email contacts, and a link to the current edition is maintained on this site and on Facebook and Twitter.

Click on the links below to view maps for either directory:

  1. Musselburgh Directory
  2. Murrays Directory

If you have any questions about distribution, please contact Karolyne by calling 0131 533 5311 or 07407382722 or by email.

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